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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Relationship marketing

Welcome to my “Relationship marketing”.
Relationship marketing regards marketing as a process of interaction between enterprises and consumers, suppliers, distributors, competitors, government agencies and other public. The core of the marketing is to establish and develop good relations with these publics.

In 1985, Barbara Bend Jackson, who put forward the concept of relationship marketing, has brought the study of marketing theory to a new level. Once the theory of relationship marketing was put forward, it quickly swept the world and Jackson became the most attractive person in the marketing field in the United States. Barbara Bend Jackson is a famous American scholar and marketing expert. He has deep economic and cultural studies. Kotler commented that "Jackson's contribution is that he has made us aware that relationship marketing will give the company more than it does in marketing."

The Essential Features of Relationship Marketing
The essence of relationship marketing can be summarized as follows:

1. Two-way communication

In relationship marketing, communication should be two-way rather than one-way. Only a wide range of information exchange and information sharing can make the enterprise win the support and cooperation of various stakeholders.

2. Cooperation

In general, there are two basic types of relationship: opposition and cooperation. Cooperation can be achieved only through cooperation, so cooperation is the basis of "win-win".

Win-win situation

That is, relationship marketing aims to increase the interests of all parties involved through cooperation, rather than increasing the interests of other parties by undermining the interests of one or more parties.


Whether the relationship can be stabilized and developed, emotional factors also play an important role. Therefore, relational marketing is not only to realize the reciprocity of material interests but also to satisfy the needs of all involved parties to get the emotion from the relationship.

5. Control

Relationship marketing requires the creation of specialized departments to track the attitudes of customers, distributors, suppliers and other participants in the marketing system, to understand the dynamics of the relationship, to take timely steps to eliminate the instability in relationships and to the detriment of relationships All parties benefit common growth factor.

In addition, through effective information feedback, but also help enterprises to improve products and services in a timely manner to better meet the needs of the market.

The basic model of relationship marketing
(A) The center of relationship marketing ---- customer loyalty

In relational marketing, how to get customer loyalty? Discover Just Needs - Meeting Needs and Ensuring Customer Satisfaction - Creating Customer Loyalty, Constructs a Trilogy of Relationship Marketing:

1. Enterprises to analyze customer needs, customer satisfaction is not satisfied with the standard measure of customer satisfaction: Satisfied customers will bring tangible benefits to the enterprise (such as the purchase of the enterprise product) and intangible products (such as advertising corporate image). A marketing scholar has proposed seven factors that lead to overall customer satisfaction and their mutual relations: desire, perceived performance, expectation, desire of consensus, expectation of consistency, attribute satisfaction, information satisfaction; desire and perceptual performance generation desire, expectation and perception Achieve the same performance expectations, and then generate attribute satisfaction and information satisfaction, and ultimately lead to full satisfaction.

2. From the model, we can see that the degree of difference between expectation and desire and perceived performance is the source of satisfaction. Therefore, enterprises can adopt the following methods to achieve customer satisfaction: provide satisfactory products and services, provide additional benefits and provide information channels.

3. Customer retention: the essence of market competition is to compete for customer resources, to maintain the original customers, reduce the customer's defection, than to win new customers more efficiently. To maintain the customer not only needs to maintain the satisfaction of the customer, but also must analyze the ultimate reason for customer satisfaction. Targeted to take measures to maintain customer satisfaction.

(B) The composition of relationship marketing ---- gradient

Berry and Palazzo Raman summed up three ways to build customer value: First-level relationship marketing (frequent marketing or frequency marketing): An important way to maintain a relationship is to use price incentives to add financial benefits to the target public. Second-level relationships Marketing: Outperforming prices, increasing social benefits and financial benefits in establishing relationships, primarily in the form of customer organizations, including customer profiles, and formal and informal clubs, customer associations, etc. Third-level relationship marketing: Increase the structural bond, while adding financial and social benefits. Structured relationships with customers that are valuable to relationship clients but not from other sources can increase the opportunity cost for customers to move to competitors and at the same time increase the return of customers from their competitors to their own businesses.

(C) The relationship marketing model ---- role equation

Businesses not only face the threat of competitors in the industry, but also the threats of potential entrants and alternatives in the external environment and the bargain between providers and customers. The ultimate goal of corporate marketing is to enable the enterprise in the industry at its best, able to fight or change these five forces. Force refers to the power of decision-making and behavior. The influence of both parties can be expressed by the following three equations of action: "the marketing force" is less than "the marketing force" "the marketing force" is equal to "the marketing force" "the marketing force "Greater than" by the marketing force "caused by the force varies due to the different market structure and the amount of information asymmetry. In the competition, the marketing side plays a leading role. When the two sides are evenly matched in power, the negotiation method is often adopted to influence and change the force of the two parties so as to make the transaction go smoothly.

The difference between marketing and trading marketing
Under the marketing of marketing, in addition to the market image of products and enterprises, it is very difficult for the enterprises to take other effective measures to maintain a lasting relationship with the customers. In relational marketing, enterprises and customers maintain a broad and close relationship, the price is no longer the most important means of competition, competitors are difficult to undermine the business and customer relationships.

Transactional marketing emphasizes market share, at any time, managers must spend a lot of money to attract potential customers to buy; relational marketing emphasizes customer loyalty, and keeping old customers is more important than attracting new customers. Relationship Marketing The final result, will bring a unique asset to the enterprise - the marketing network.

Value Determination of Relationship Marketing
(A) additional benefits ---- transfer value

Consumers choose to purchase around two benefits, one is the core interests of the product itself, the second is the additional time, place, quantity and brand benefits. The overall customer value includes all the benefits the customer receives during the purchase and consumption process. The overall customer cost, in addition to the monetary cost incurred by the customer, also includes the expected time, physical and mental cost of the buyer. Customer delivered value Mathematically, it is the difference between total customer value and total customer cost. Relationship marketing can increase customer value of concession.

Improve perception of value: Most businesses are affected to a degree by complementary products. The so-called complementary products refer to customers with the use of enterprise products together. This allows businesses to consider: controlling the profitability of complementary products.

(B) The cost of ---- customer analysis

1. Customer profitability: Relationship marketing involves attracting, developing and maintaining relationships with customers, with the central principle of creating "real customers." These customers are not only willing to establish the lasting and long-term relationship with the enterprise, but also carry out obligation publicity to the enterprise. The corporate customer base may vary widely in how products are used, how much they are purchased, how important they are, and so we need to analyze the quality of customers in terms of their purchasing power, their potential for growth. The customer's inherent bargaining power, the customer's price sensitivity and so on. Whenever possible, companies should sell products to the most profitable customers.

2. Customer maintenance costs: Kotler to maintain the cost of customer research, put forward the following four steps to determine: determine the customer's retention rate that repeats purchase ratio of customers; identify the causes of customer loss, calculate the proportion of customers lost; Estimate the loss of profits due to unnecessary loss of customers; enterprises to maintain the cost of customers as long as less than the loss of profits, businesses should pay the cost of reducing the customer loss rate.

3. Daniel Chasekar analyzes the principle of "leaky buckets" as follows: When the environment is loose, firms do not pay attention to maintaining customers, allowing customers to flow away like water in leaky buckets so that when the buyer's market is formed, the firm suffers punishment. Offensive marketing costs more than defense marketing costs, so the most successful companies should patch holes in the barrel to reduce customer churn.

(C) Evaluation criteria --- --- Customer share

1. Relationship Marketing: Kotler differentiates between five different levels of relationship with customers:

(1) The basic type, the sales staff to sell the product no longer contact with customers;

(2) Passive, sales staff encouraged customers in the face of problems or opinions with the company;

(3) Responsible type, sales staff in the product sold, take the initiative to solicit customer feedback

(4) Active type, sales staff constantly asking customers for suggestions to improve product use or useful information about new products;

(5) Partner type, companies, and customers work together to find ways to customers reasonable expenses, or to help customers make better purchases.

2. Don Pepper and Martha Rogers put forward the concept of customer share according to the market share. They think that customer, as the center of business marketing, is the essence of relationship marketing or "one to one" marketing. Comparison of market share and customer share:

(1) Time and events: In the past, the measurement of sales effectiveness was based on the criteria of "how many transactions took place in a selected market in a given period of time"; and today "the number of transactions that occurred within a certain period of time and in a certain area How much of the share of customers it gets ".

(2) Static and dynamic: sales revenue = the number of users x usage per person = (new customer + original customer × customer retention rate) x per customer usage The customer retention rate is a dynamic concept that indicates that the company is Customer changes over time. The performance of relationship marketing is reflected in maintaining the original customers, rather than by attracting new customers to increase the number of customers.

(3) Status quo and expectation: Enterprises that want to increase their share of customers should first understand the potential demand that customers may have. Relationship marketing measures the success or failure of an enterprise based on the long-term benefits of its share of customers. This change starts with the widespread use of information technology in enterprise marketing programs and activities.

Relationship marketing principles
The essence of relationship marketing is to establish long-term and stable interdependent marketing relationships with all parties in marketing in order to coordinate with each other. Therefore, the following principles must be followed:

1. Active communication principle

In relationship marketing, all parties should take the initiative to contact and contact with other parties, mutual communication, understanding of the situation, the formation of the system or in the form of a contract to meet regularly or irregularly, mutual exchange of needs changes in all parties, take the initiative for the relationship Party service or for the parties to solve the difficulties and problems, enhance partnership and cooperation.

Promise the principle of trust

In relational marketing, all parties should make a series of written or verbal promises each other, and fulfill their promises by their own actions so as to win the trust of the related parties. The essence of the promise is a confident performance. The fulfillment of the promise is to turn the vow into action, the embodiment of safeguarding and respecting the interests of the related parties, and the key to obtaining the trust of the related parties. It is the key point for the company (enterprise) to maintain the harmonious partnership with the related parties basis.

3. Reciprocity principle

It is essential to satisfy each other's economic interests in the process of engagement with the related parties and to make the parties concerned more profitable by carrying out mature, high-quality products or exchange of values under fair, just and open conditions.

Relationship marketing form
Relationship marketing is achieved in the process of interpersonal communication, and the relationship between people is colorful and complex. Summarized in general there are several forms:

1. Kinship marketing form

Refers to rely on family kinship marketing, such as father and son, siblings and other kin based on the marketing activities. The relationship between the parties to this relationship marketing, such as the root of the problem, deep foundation, the relationship is stable, long time; easy to coordinate the interests of the relationship, but the scope of application has some limitations.

2. Geo-relationship marketing patterns

Refers to the marketing activities of the company (business) marketing staff to maintain the geographical boundaries of the community as marketing activities, such as the use of the same province fellow relationship or the same regional business relations marketing activities. This kind of relationship marketing plays a greater role in the areas of the underdeveloped economy, backward transport and telecommunications, logistics, business flow and poor information flow. In the initial stage of our country's socialist market economy, this form of relationship marketing cannot be ignored.

3. Kwan relationship marketing form

Refers to the same profession or the same industry as the basis for the relationship between marketing activities, such as colleagues, colleagues, students, as a result of the same cultural influence, have the same interest in each other, in the emotional easy to closely combine as an "Overall" can help each other and cooperate with each other for a long time.

4. Cultural customs relationship marketing form

Refers to the company (business) and its personnel with a common culture, beliefs, customs, and practices based on the marketing activities. Because companies (companies) have the same beliefs and habits among themselves and their employees, they are easy to find ways to interact with each other in marketing activities and have similar needs for brands, packaging, performance, etc., of products or services, and easy to establish long-term Partner marketing relationship.
5 occasional relationship marketing form
Refers to the relationship between marketing and sales of a product that occurs suddenly under certain time and space conditions. Such marketing is characterized by suddenness, transientness, and uncertainty, often associated with the previous forms, but such occasional opportunities will become an opportunity for enterprises to expand market share and develop new products. For example, Opportunity may be the key to the success or failure of a company (business).
Relationship marketing specific measures
1. Relationship marketing organizational design
In order to coordinate the relations among internal departments and employees, release news to the public, handle opinions and so on, through effective relationship marketing activities, the goal of the enterprise can be smoothly realized. The enterprise must, in accordance with the principles of formality and adaptability, The principle of integrity, the principle of coordination, the principle of efficiency and the establishment of enterprise relationship management. In addition to coordinating its internal and external relations, the agency will also assume the responsibility of collecting information and materials and participating in the premeditated decision-making of enterprises.
2. Relationship marketing resource allocation
In the face of contemporary customers, change and external competition, all staff in an enterprise must make concerted efforts to realize their business objectives through efficient allocation and utilization of resources. Enterprise resource allocation mainly includes human resources and information resources.

The allocation of human resources is mainly through inter-departmental personnel transformation, internal promotion and cross-business unit forums and conferences.


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